Cameroonian Rapper Boy Tag Drops a Single, ‘Cent Pour Cent’: Why It’s a Big Hit

Last month, Steven’s Music Entertainment teamed up with mega music producer CFX to make a hit for one of Cameroon’s fastest rappers, Boy Tag. The rapper and CFX have been working hard ever since on a couple of singles for Tag. Until recently, Steven’s Music Entertainment announced the release of “Cent Pour Cent (100%),” a brand-new single from Boy Tag. This song has now become a real club vibe, especially for Cameroonian DJs.

When Boy Tag was about to release “Cent Pour Cent,” he went about promoting it in clubs and meeting with local DJs in Douala and Yaounde. During such meetings, he made them listen to his hot new song, Cent Pour Cent prior to its release.


Cameroonian Rapper Boy Tag Drops a Single, ‘Cent Pour Cent’: Why It’s a Big Hit?
PHOTO: Boy Tag with some of Douala’s top DJs rocking their “Respectez Le DJ a 100%.”
Cameroonian Rapper Boy Tag Drops a Single, ‘Cent Pour Cent’: Why It’s a Big Hit?
PHOTO: Boy Tag with DJ Krys, one of Doula’s top DJs.

Boy Tag, who only made a public appearance in 2017, has steadily delivered music that shows just how adaptable and flexible he is. Ever since his presence in Cameroon’s music industry has grown to become one that cannot simply be snubbed. “Cent Pour Cent” which has come to add to his swelling catalog, is already having a firm grip on Djs in Cameroon.

Why Cent Pour Cent has become a hot track

In this latest single, Boy Tag offers his fans an up-tempo high energy fusion of makossa and house music. Produced by the unswerving CFX Música, the beat has a layer of sound effects that give it a distinct club vibe.

With “Cent Pour Cent,” Boy Tag closes in on the DJ and their pivotal role in deciding how clubbers have fun at parties and dance spots.

“I did this one for the clubs…I wanted a song that will make my fans dance on the first listen… similar to how Dj’s must keep their dancefloors busy… I am certainly adding this to my road show so that my fans and I, wherever I am performing can raise the roof.  I hope they love it as much as I do.” Boy Tag.

Cent Pour Cent, a song dedicated to the life of a party, Tag says the DJ is the life of the party. Through this single, Tag pays respect to DJs not only in Cameroon but the rest of the world who are key players in promoting artists and their music.

Prior to releasing the official audio for 100% online, Boy Tag made a one-week media tour to meet with DJs to share with them the song and party with them.

Cameroonian Rapper Boy Tag Drops a Single, ‘Cent Pour Cent’: Why It’s a Big Hit?
Boy Tag promoting his upcoming HOT new track, “Cent Pour Cent”

He took this DJ promo campaign to a whole new level by printing T-shirts branded, “RESPECTEZ LE DJ A 100% ” (meaning Respect All DJ’s 100%) and handing them out to the DJs as a way of showing his love and respect to DJs for their role in various artists careers.

Vibing the party world

“Cent Pour Cent” is currently out on all music streaming platforms. While the official video shot by Dr. Nkeng Stephens will be released a little later, Boy Tag is currently doing a club tour to promote “Cent Pour Cent.” And with the official release, he intends to expand the promotion to include media houses in the coming weeks.

This song is most certainly like no other that has been released this year as it is the party/club song to end 2018. Cent Pour Cent is a great party song that the DJ can use to hype up the crowd. Tell us what you think about Boy Tag’s newest single, Cent Pour Cent. Is it really a party viber?


BGC Melody and Artist Elie Solo Drops a New Album Titled “C’est Mon Tour”

This release was announced a while ago when Congolese artist, Elie Solo dropped two videos; “BGC Melody,” a generic Ndombolo-Soukous anthem and “Ewawa,” an Afro Rumba ballad.

Elie Solo is a Congolese Afro Rumba and Soukous singer, songwriter, and guitar player, born to Kayombo Faustin Elie on January 1, 1992.

BGC Melody and Artist Elie Solo Drops a New Album Titled C’est Mon Tour
Elie Solo, singer, songwriter, guitarist, makes headlines with “C’est Mon Tour” album

As the third child out of a family of five, he was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s capital Kinshasa, with origins from the Province of Bandundu. After attending École Primaire Complescolaire, Lomboto, he moved to École Secondaire Complescolaire, Mpumbu and later completed his university education at Université INA.

Elie Solo and his music career

Elie Solo started off his musical journey in 2002 as a choir leader at the famous Fepaco church in Nzambe Malamu, Kinshasa. His mastery of the guitar solo gave him the opportunity to accompany, either on stage or in the studio, renowned Congolese artists like Werrason, Ferre Gola, Didier Lacoste, Celeo Scram, Deplick Pomba, Innos B, Maman Abethy Esther, and many others.

Also addressed by fans as “Ange de Lumière” (Angel of Light) and “Le chat Rouge” (literally translated as The Red Cat), Elie Solo has a début independent album (Likimbi) and a total of 19 released songs to his credit and now a 2nd album “C’est mon tour.” Married to his guitar, Elie Solo is a supporter of the famous Spanish football club, Barcelona FC.

BGC Melody is one of the very few record labels operating in Cameroon since the years when Ekambi Brillant first introduced Angelique Kidjo. His aim was to produce artists based outside of Cameroon. It is the first known record label operating anywhere in Africa to launch two official videos worldwide. Most importantly, featuring the same artist on the same day.

You can purchase Elie Solo’s new spanking album, “C’est Mon Tour” on iTunes, Spotify or Google Play.


Why Cameroonian Artists Are Facing So Much Criticism on The #WeNeedPeace Song

Earlier this month, Salatiel — one of Cameroon’s well-known producers of the popular record label AlphaBetter Records, launched the WeNeedPeace project. He had hoped to inspire thousands of young Cameroonians to speak against the ongoing violence threatening Cameroon’s two trembling English-speaking regions. While he might have achieved this aim, his efforts, however, has received heavy criticisms from Cameroonians recently.

Worldwide, artists are known for their ardent contribution to promoting peace and preaching against violence through music.

With this in mind, Salatiel rallied some of Cameroon’s top musicians from across the country to add their voices to a peace campaign titled, #WeNeedPeace. The song features vocals from Salatiel, Nabila, Ko-C, Blanche Bailly, Daphne, Minks, Mr. Leo, Pit Baccardi, Blaise B, and Sango Edi. It shares a fervent message of peace and hopes to Cameroonians. This group of artists has become the driving force behind the vision of a united and peaceful Cameroon.

Failing to preach peace, they’ve become objects of ridicule

But the last few days have been gloomy for them as Cameroonians have blasted them for waiting two years after the country’s crisis to release a peace song. When the crisis began, many people cried out to their artists to use their talent and influence to champion the crusade against the violence. But it took them close to two years to answer this call.

Why Cameroonian Artists Are Facing Criticism on New Peace Songs

According to social media, some fans believe these artists have now decided to add their voices to the struggle because they sense the instability crossing the borders into the French-speaking regions of the country.

Why Cameroonian Artists Are Facing Criticism on New Peace Songs

While some Cameroonians have hailed artists like Magasco, Salatiel and Mr. Leo for releasing peace songs over a year ago, the bulk of the #WeNeedPeace artists have received widespread criticism.

The insecurity has forced most Anglophone artists to relocate to Douala. They have assembled to shoot the music video of #WeNeedPeace, and Dr. Nkeng Stephens  who is largely acclaimed as the best video director in Cameroon Entertainment will direct this historic video shoot.

Why Cameroonian Artists Are Facing Criticism on New Peace Songs





[Brand New][Download]: Tekno – Choko

Tekno releases new single titled Choko…

Tekbo - Choko

Triple MG Afrobeat superstar, Tekno surprises his audience with the release of a new single, titled Choko.
The fresh offering from the Alhaji is intoxicating and is sure to be an instant hit and fan favourite.

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237Music: Dready Christ – Too Long (Official Video)

Choko arrives after Tekno‘s feature on “Freak Me” by American singer Ciara and his last smash outing “Jogodo“. stream and download the new one below…

[download id=”14574″]

[Download]: Mafikizolo – Mazuva Akanaka ft Jah Prayzah

Mafikizolo drops new single titled Mazuva Akanaka ft. Jah Prayzah…

Mafikizolo - Mazuva Akanaka ft Jay PrayzahMazuva Akanaka is an extract off South African music duo Mafikizolo’s recently released album titled 20. The single has quickly become one of the most played songs on South African radio in the past weeks. It features Jah Prayzah and has now become the song that many probably slept on in that body of work.

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[Download]: Nasty C – Jungle (Official video)

Should we be expecting a music video to Mazuva Akanaka now that the song is now the latest hit off the 20 project? Mafikizolo has music fans in anticipation mode. While we await any news or update, Listen to Mazuva Akanaka and cop the tune after the cut below!

[download id=”14380″]


237Music: Pascal – Pikin 4 Sun [Download]

After a long wait, Pascal finally drops a new album Pikin4 Sun…

Pascal - Pikin 4 sun

After his breakout from Strange kings, rapper Pascal went MIA. He however just dropped new music which includes his fourth studio project titled Pikin 4 Sun. This album is a follow up to his previously released Work Dey Trilogy.

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237Freestyle: Stanley Enow – Amazing (Download)

[Download]: Nasty C – Jungle (Official video)

The album theme song, Pikin 4 Sun depicts the story of a lad caught up in darkness, pain, suffering and disappointment. The ultimate query for a way out, God-given success and a glimpse of light at the end of a dark tunnel. It is a soul-pricking journey filled with lifestyle choices and a vivid expression of societal experiences.

According to popular opinion, this was a powerful comeback and well received by many.

Download album




237Music: Tutu-B – YOU

On the occasion of his birthday, Tutu-B releases a new audio single titled YOU as a gift to his fans.

This track titled YOU by Tutu-B is a dedication to all those who love and support him. Hope you all enjoy and look forward to more music from him. A week ago Tutu also released his second single in 2018: Money which continues in the artist’s hustle theme from his previous single #YolReadyKnow and highlights the fact that only hard work can lead to success.

You can listen to YOU here:
You can listen to Money here :

Keep up with him on all his social media platforms
Instagram : @tutubiaka
Facebook : @TutuBiaka
Snapchat : njengwes_biaka2
Twitter: @TutuBiaka
YouTube : Tutu B

He is releasing this single as an independent artist.

237Music: ClaudeDoe – Money EP

HookMoneyGang presents ClaudeDoe in new EP titled Money EP…

ClaudeDoe Money EPCameroonian artist, ClaudeDoe who also doubles as CEO Of the New School Record Label, H.M.G  Hook Money Gang released the first single off the Money EP titled Every day Hustle a while back. Since then, we have been enjoying the single while waiting for the EP to drop. To pick up the pace, he is here again with #Money The EP consisting of 8 hot tracks that will blow up your speakers.

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237Music : Tzy Panchak – Pray For My People [Download]

MONEY EP is right here :

For Amazon users Click here >> Money The EP on Amazon

Get it on other digital platforms >> Money The EP on Digital platforms


237Music: D-Terence – Caliente

D-Terence is set to take over this summer with his new single Caliente.


Based in the South of Germany in Stuttgart, D-Terence a young artist of Cameroonian descent has carefully and gradually cemented his presence on the music scene for years now. Indeed, he has collaborated with Liverpool’s Royzy Rothschild, Stylie and Colleen Lucrazia, and recently with German Trappers Twwenni and OscarEffekt.

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237Music: Pinto Fresh & Petit Pinto – For My Head

237Music: J-JACK -Taro Eru Mbongo (Official video)

He’s come out with a number of projects such as;

Les Dos


Chin Chin


Going Crazy

Did u See (Remix)

Mania ft Der Oscar Effekt

As follow up to the already released projects above, his new summer jam Caliente is set to take the music industry by storm. Caliente by D-Terence can be found on all digital platforms;





Follow D – Terence on all social media platform at;

Instagram: officald_terence, Twitter: D-Terence (@D_Terence_), Facebook: D-Terence

[Download]: Burna Boy – Plotting

Burna Boy comes through with a fresh freestyle titled Plotting…

Burna Boy PlottingBurna recorded Plotting at Skepta’s studio while he was chilling with the #BadEnergy crooner. He earlier on took to his social media to disclose that he won’t be voting in 2019 and the reason was stated. In Burna Boy‘s opinion, Nigeria has youths who are too scared to fight for their future. According to him, people who think they can implement change by voting for the same league of old politicians are delusional and are part of the problem.

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Download: Mabantu – Sundi (Official video)

[Download]: Runtown – Unleash ft. Fekky

Burna Boy also took a swipe at President Buhari, who received President Emmanuel Macron of France during his recent visit to Nigeria. It is alleged that President Emmanuel Macron was only 6 years old when President Buhari was Nigeria’s head of state, fast forward to 2018, President Buhari is still in power.

Listen to Plotting below and cop the tune after the jump.