MD MOCHIO – KOTS (King of the south) official video 

MDMOCHIO is back at it with another banger titled KOTS. After his hit debut single FINE BOY


Thailand based kamer rapper, MD MOCHIO is back at it  with another banger titled KOTS. After his  hit debut single FINE BOY which made waves around the globe, and won him a couple of awards like best single, best music video, and best artist and also got him touring America and Europe, he comes with a new one  titled KOTS (King Of The South), which is a story of a hustler that has gone through thick and thin in an industry filled with hate and backstabbing.   The video was shoot in the tourist haven of Thailand and directed by Mochio himself and produced British producer Tim Ross. Rumor has it he has been signed by Wyclef. How authentic this is? we are still to find out. Enjoy!

3 Things Everyone Can Do to Earn Money – The Law of Cause and Effect

Dear Reader,

There’s one thing that all working people have in common: We want more money.

The question is, how do you get it?

You could get a second job, but over time, that’ll wear you down.

In The Magic of Thinking Big, David Schwartz said, “You can’t harvest money unless you plant the seeds that grow money. And the seed of money is service. Put service first, and money takes care of itself.”


Dr. Schwartz’s words demonstrate his understanding of the Law of Cause and Effect, which is the principle law on which everything in the universe operates. It’s another way of saying, “As you sow, so shall you reap.”

It might best be to put it this way, our rewards in life will always match our service. That said, each little “extra” you do for others is a money seed so…

Taking on a project that no one else on the team wants to do is a money seed. Surprising clients with your generosity is a money seed. Advancing an idea for a product that will improve the quality of your customers’ lives is a money seed.
And here’s another one…

Getting in the habit of doing more than you are presently paid for is a money seed.


Unfortunately, many people think it is totally illogical to do more than they are being paid for. The philosophy that governs their behavior is “Give me the money, and then I will do the job.”
However, the Law of Cause and Effect, and indeed the system that drives our economy, clearly states, “Do the job and then you get the money.”

So whether you’re a business owner or an employee, you earn more money after you improve your performance…
Salespeople who deliver more service to their customers are at the top of the sales force.

Entrepreneurs who know how to be efficient while never letting up on delighting the customer are able to grow their business.

And employees who put their heart and soul into their job and are never too busy to do more, are the ones who are handsomely rewarded—if not by the company they work for, then by other companies waiting in the wings for them.

To earn more money, serve more. You can do that by doing the following things every day:

  1. Review your behavior.
  2. Answer this question: “How can I give more than is expected of me?” Then apply the answers.
  3. Leave every person you come in contact with the impression of increase. In other words, make them feel good about coming into contact with you.

The compensation—financial and otherwise—you get from developing these practices will be phenomenal. It will go beyond the scope of your imagination.

With Light, Love and Inspiration!

Dr Akuma

Mr. Leo – Kemayo [Official Video]

After teaching us how to love with ‘E Go Beta’ and ‘On Va Gerer’, Mr Leo is thrilling us again with this new video for his song titled ‘Kemayo.’ Kemayo is the story of a man who caught himself in the web of unfaithfulness. A man who found comfort in the arms of another woman at the detriment of his home. The song exposes these vices that are continuously plaguing our society; unfaithfulness and sorcery. Mr. Leo tells the story in French, the Cameroonian way, using adlibs that we all can relate to. It couldn’t have been told any better!

Dr. Nkeng Stephens and Artnurin put their creative wits together to bring the story to life through the video. It expresses the story in amazing visuals that translate emotions. You have to watch it!

Video: Stanley Enow ft AKA and LOCKO – Bounce (Deluxe Version)

Watch Stanley Enow ft AKA and Locko in Bounce video brought to you by Motherland Empire. It was produced by Soft Touch Music shot in South Africa by Studio Space Pictures.

Watch Stanley Enow ft AKA and Locko in Bounce video brought to you by Motherland Empire. It was produced by Soft Touch Music shot in South Africa by Studio Space Pictures. Bounce is a track of the Soldier like My Papa album. Abeg I have a few questions. Firstly, why was Locko not in the video? I mean he gives life to the song! Secondly, was this line “I leave that petit rapper them for back house . Stuck in Yaounde they think its first class” meant for Jovi? sips lemonade. What is your take on this? Meanwhile I don go… Like comment and don’t forget to share


magasco 3

Another banger from MY MCE yes I said it everyday! Magasco is unarguably the ishh right now. Being consistent is one of the most sought for qualities in an artist and he has proven to possess this quality, as he releases hit after hit. Watch his latest release titled All VIP directed by NS pictures and produced by Dijay Pazzo featuring  appearances of rapper Nami Nami Cyrus. Watch and Enjoy and also like and comment.


Rythmz ft Mr Leo – Madame Tout Le Monde

No Hits No Records and XM Music present you this club banger by Rythmz ft Mr Leo titled Madame Toute Le Monde produced by Phillbillbeatz.

Hi guys hope y’all are having a fun weekend. Sorry I haven’t posted alot this week got caught up with other things but am here now and couldn’t help sharing this one with you. No Hits No Records and XM Music present you this club banger by Rythmz ft Mr Leo titled Madame Toute Le Monde produced by Phillbillbeatz. This is a must add to you playlist. Download, listen, enjoy and share…

Download here

Stay Connected With Positive People


Remain Strong

Dear Reader,

Stay connected with people who inspire, nourish and bring out the best in you. It takes time to pull yourself together and to heal if you have been hurt, humiliated, or become emotionally broken because of what you have gone through. You can become disconnected with the real you and forget who you really are. It is necessary to read, listen and focus on positive things. Things that strengthen your mind, develop your confidence and fortify your spirit. Create a strategy that will allow you to rid your life of people whose only intention is to strip, destroy, or take you down.

In times of adversity, fight back! Look your problems and challenges in the eye and say “I will not be moved.” Cry tears of defiance if you must. Don’t pray that the obstacles will be removed. Pray for strength to remove them yourself. Dig down deep inside and stand firm in the face of all that is coming against you with a mindset that “victory is mine”.

Be aware that there are certain situations that are just not good for you. Make a conscious, deliberate effort to focus your mind exclusively on things that will build you up, give you hope and expand the possibilities in all dimensions of your life. You have the capacity and the ability to rebuild your life. What you have gone through can be used to develop another part of yourself. Stay connected with positive people with the knowledge that you will get through this.

Challenge yourself. In order to do something you have never done, you have to become someone you’ve never been. In ordert o achieve this learn to take initiatives and have resiliency. Because there are going to be obstacles on the way that you have to overcome. It also requires sacrifice. What are u willing to give up? If you are truly serious you need discipline. Discipline is thr willingness to do the things that you do not like to do. But you know it will lead you in the direction of capturing your dreams.

You also need support. You can’t do it by yourself. Fight harder to turn your situation around. Turn up the heat. Develop a defiant attitude. Refuse to give in and surrender. Ask for help ~ not because you are weak, but because you want to remain strong. And ask for help and don’t stop until you get it.

You deserve your dream So get a big dream so you can challenge yourself to see what you are made of. You have something special. That is your story and you are sticking to it.

You have something in you the world is waiting on. Bring it out!

Courtesy of Dr Akuma

The Truth About Your Attitude

What is Attitude?

Dear Reader,

Your attitude is the composite of your thoughts, feelings and actions.

Let’s take a look at how each of these factors affect your attitude:

Thoughts: Your conscious mind has the ability to accept, reject or ignore ANY idea that flows into your consciousness.
If that idea isn’t internalized, it will have no effect on your physical body.
But let’s take a look at what happens when that idea is internalized…

Your subconscious mind has to accept anything that is impressed upon it. And whatever is impressed upon the subconscious mind dictates the vibration of the body. The nature of the idea that is impressed upon the subconscious mind determines the vibration or the feeling that is expressed.

Feelings: If the idea is negative, you will express negative emotions. However, if it is positive, your emotions or vibrations will be positive.

• Actions: The body, which is the instrument of the mind, is the only medium through which the conscious and subconscious mind working together are able to express themselves.

Whatever idea is impressed upon the subconscious mind MUST be expressed through the vibration of the molecules in the body. When that vibration becomes strong the body must literally move into action.

For example, when your thoughts and feelings, or your conscious and subconscious mind, are in an orderly state (or in harmony) that order will be expressed in your actions. You will be calm, focused and productive.

When your attitude shifts, everything in your world shifts

As you can see, your attitude is determined by the nature of the ideas that you choose and permit yourself to get emotionally involved in. The physical expression is automatic. It doesn’t matter if the choice is conscious or unconscious. It is what it is. You can say, “I didn’t know,” but that’s too bad; you lose. In life there is no allowance for ignorance. So I hope you clearly understand why you should never blame another person, or conditions or circumstances for any challenge you have in life…

If you are having a problem, your conscious choice is where the problem originates. Similarly, conscious choice is where are all future success and genius begins.

It’s your time!
Courtesy of Akuma

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“Skin bleaching is not and will never be Brighten Mi’s agenda” says Boss Lady Diva Lenore

diva lenore 2.jpg

She is a Pretty, Hardworking and Innovative and the real definition of Boss Lady. Diva Lenore is a US based Cameroonian and  Co – founder of Brighten Mi and CEO Diva Lenore Hair. This lady not only found a solution to her skin problems but succeeded in making a business out of it. We were able to  reach out to this pretty lady and here is what she had to tell us:

Goodday Ms Lenore,

Before we start I must say you have a very glowing skin. I would love to have such skin lol.

diva lenore 2


To begin with what inspired you to start up your cosmetic line BrightenMi Cosmetics?

Thank you for the compliment Eliane. So to answer your question, Brighten Mi came up as a result of severe acne my business partner (Bff) and I suffered last year.We literally tried everything and visited several reputable dermatologists who unfortunately, were unable to successfully keep the breakouts away. It was during our personal quest for a successful acne treatment that we were able to come up with a mix of ingredients,that could successfully eliminate acne when compounded and executed by a reputable pharmacist.

brighten mi.jpg

What are the challenges that come along with being A CEO?
Well,to be honest being a CEO is a lot harder than most think. It’s not just about a title. It has to do with sleepless nights, long phone calls, making sure your investments pay off, dealing with naysayers, coping with unpredictable people and the list continues.
Business is like mathematics. You have to keep strategizing and calculating… Lol
diva lenore 4
What do you do when you are not working (for leisure)?
I spend a lot of time with my family. Another thing I love doing with my bff and partner LilyBefabNstaychic is fine dinning. We love exotic restaurants for a good meal.
I love the waterfront in DC where I go with Lily all the time to relax or go on Yatch rides. It’s so much fun!
To all those who think Brighten Mi is a bleaching cream what do you have to say to them?
Thanks for this question.
Brighten Mi first of all, is NOT a bleaching cream. Brighten Mi is a cosmetic line that sells an array of skincare products for now. We will be adding lots of products to our line which will include makeup and lots of other fun stuff we would rather introduce as a surprise.
On if our products bleach, I would say this would strongly depend on what a customer decides to do with our product.
Some people like myself have delicate, sensitive skin. A lot of people apart from pimples and breakouts,suffer embarrassing hyper pigmentation and sunburn. Some people have skin that’s been discolored due to over exposure to sunlight.These people have about four different skin shades. Our body lotions for example are designed for such people to restore evenness, but how do you successfully treat such a skin problem without lightening the problem areas?
bighten mi 3.jpg
We have people suffering from severe acne. Their faces covered in dark spots. How do you fade dark spots without lightening them?
Let’s talk dark knuckles, knees and elbows. Some people are just genetically predisposed to have dark knuckles. Especially if their daily activities require them to constantly be in touch with water and chemicals(cleaning products for example). Why would anyone like to walk around with significantly darker knuckles or knees or elbows? This is where our knuckles cream comes in.
I suggest people take the time to understand these things rather than being too judgmental. Skin bleaching is not and will never be Brighten Mi’s agenda.
brighten mi2.jpg
Are you planning on opening a shop in Cameroon anytime soon?
Yes,we have been thinking about other locations everywhere in Africa. Cameroon will definite not be left out.
What else do you work on apart from  BrightenMi? Any other projects in the pipeline?
Well as you know, I’m founder and CEO of Diva Lenore Hair. A luxury line of premium virgin hair extensions. This takes a lot of my working time too. You could actually visit my hair website to know more about my hair. For other projects, there are so many things coming up. I’d rather surprise you all…
What advice would you give young gurls on becoming entrepreneurs?
To young girls wanting to become entrepreneurs, I’d say go for it. Don’t wait till you have all the funds you think you’ll need.Just start lol…Go in fiercely. Don’t doubt yourself. You’re stronger than you think and oh…NEVER let anyone deter you from your dreams. They deter you from pushing forward because they’re scared or simply lack confidence in themselves. They fear you’ll make it and leave them behind. Just go for whatever you want, give your all and I can vouch with certainty that you’ll see a green light in the tunnel.
diva lenore 3
    Thanks for taking out time to talk with us today. Keep doing what you do and God bless.
Thanks for reaching out 237Exclusive. I hope I was able to answer all your questions.
Be blessed!

 Neglect Buri x RoqZen x DijayKarl – Wir Nso

Its a double one for us this night. This is just to tell us KB Hood Music has not be sleeping. Doing things in a spectacular and different way is definitely their thing. Listen to Wir Nso BY Neglect, Roqzen and Dijay Karl…Enjoy! Click on the link below to download for free